Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission issues updates for electronic filing, by Steven Hanna.


The Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission was closed from August 20, 2021 through September 7, 2021. This was to allow a data migration to a new case management system. It is the first step to moving to electronic filing and access to Commission information. In a virtual meeting, the Commission updated attorneys and their staffs regarding changes now in effect. This is the first step in moving towards electronic filing and access to Commission information. Important information from the meeting is outlined below.

 •            You may no longer receive a file stamped Form 3.  Instead, you may receive a Notice of Contested Issues from the Commission. This form will have all the information normally found on a Form 3.   This should be considered notice a claimant has filed a claim with the Commission and the claim is now litigated. Refer to defense counsel upon receipt.

•             Going forward, all pleadings and filings will require the last five digits of the claimant’s SSN number. Anything filed with only four digits will be rejected. This includes Forms 2 and 3, as well as a FROI electronically filed.

•             An Entry of Appearance, Form 71- Authorization of Representation, filed by defense counsel, will now be required on all unrepresented Joint Petition Settlements.

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