Appellate Judge Rules in Favor of Employer, Insurer Represented by ATB in Oklahoma City Workers’ Comp Case


An Oklahoma civil appeals court ruled in favor of an employer and its insurer represented by ATB in affirming an order by the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission, asserting an employer’s right to direct the medical treatment of an injured worker. “The Bray decision reinforces the Oklahoma legislature’s intent that the employer has the right to choose the injured worker’s treating physician even when a previously denied injury is found compensable,” said Jill Fidelie, ATB managing partner in Oklahoma City. Hon. Keith Rapp ruled on the case, Edward E. Bray, petitioner v. Precofacet Houston, LLC, Travelers Indemnity Co. of America and the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (Docket #115,209). To read the news release issued May 11, 2017, click here.

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