About The Law Offices of Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez

Testan Law, is a innovative and dynamic national law firm dedicated to client service while embracing diversity, whose primary practice areas are the defense of workers' compensation and general liability claims, employment discrimination cases and related civil matters. With offices covering the state of California the firm is uniquely positioned to handle the litigation needs of insurance carriers, third-party administrators and self-insured employers, in state and federal court, as well as all other venues across these six states.

The firm's guiding principle is dedication to service. To this end, we are committed to providing our staff with innovative solutions and technology to assist in this process. A sophisticated case management system, voice recognition software, conventional dictation services and online research applications are just a few of the tools available to our staff. It is our philosophy that speed in the field of litigation and business management saves money, helps morale and improves accuracy, while lowering the costs of the firm's services to our clients.

The second guiding principle of Testan Law is to develop strong personal ties to our clients. We believe collaboration accelerates the timely resolution of complex cases. It is our goal to meet with our clients and invite them to actively participate in the defense of their claims by being present at depositions and hearings, where necessary.

It is our vision and imagination, which makes Testan Law unique. We view a client and their business as a single entity and strive to develop preventative strategies to reduce exposure on individual claims as well as lessen the potential for future claims.