Diversity Statement

"Diversity is a culture that values differences, particularly in thinking. Honoring diversity leads to discussions from different perspectives and this should lead to better decisions."
— Steven J. Jimenez, In Memoriam (1955-2007)

At Testan  Law, our workforce is as diverse and inclusive as the business communities we serve. We recognize the need to enhance opportunity in the legal profession and have succeeded by putting together a pool of talent reflective of the diversity goals of our private and public clients.

Testan Law has put policy into practice.

Testan Law is a 100% minority owned business. Its executive leadership committee has a diverse majority.

Testan Law is committed to inclusion.

Support for the findings of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association: www.mcca.com

Create impact in local communities by leveraging the skills, knowledge and resources of our diverse partners and associates in the assistance of our client's educational, litigation and financial goals.

Establish credibility in the communities we serve through our presentations before the courts, legislative bodies and clients.

Development of relationships with minority bar associations.

Provide internships and clinical experience to diverse law students, often resulting in permanent retention.

Internal mentoring programs to encourage retention.

Monitoring of employee assignments, evaluations and business development.

Internal diversity training.

Community outreach and support: www.testanlaw.com/outreach

Thank you for your interest in Testan Law's diversity program. A table outlining the firm's diverse workforce will be supplied upon request.